Unreal Tournament 2003 Retail Patch 2186

Title: Unreal Tournament 2003 Retail Patch 2186
Size: 12.5MB
License: Freeware (Free)
OS: Windows 9x/Me/NT/2K/XP
Price: 0$
Publisher: Epic MegaGames Inc.

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  • Downloads 290
  • Date 08 Feb, 2005

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Retail Patch v2186 Change List.

- now support left handed weapons
- fixed hidden weapons appearing occasionally on respawn
- spectators don`t show up on DM scoreboard at end of match
- FPH doesn`t change after match ends
- shock combos now work after going through static meshes, and at all angles.
- Fixed when entering a painzone you take double the damage/second in the firstsecond and the correct amount thereafter.- added exec function SwitchToLastWeapon (bound to E by default)
- fixed megaspeed DMMutator game option.
- improved bombing run AI (better AI reset between scores)
- fix for CTF flag can`t be picked up
- fixed showing flag icon on scoreboard even if holder not relevant
- fixed throwing out minigun screwing up assault rifle
- added server option bBrightSkins to [UnrealGame.DMMutator] (and in the game rules menu). Setting it to true makes player skins brighter.
- fixed rocketlauncher can lock onto invasion monsters (bonuspack)
- change weapon sound pitch when berserk
- added bPreloadAllSkins config option to UT2003.ini, in the [UnrealGame.UnrealMPGameInfo] section. Its false by default.If true, all skins and character models referenced in .upl files are preloaded. Only set this option to true if you havea lot of system RAM (512 MB or more). This option reduces the hitch experienced when new players join a multiplayer game during gameplay.- only allow restartgame() to be called once.
- added a GetWeaponStats exec function, which writes weapon info to the log for tracking down weapon problems
- Fixed VoiceMenu Acknowledgements to use the abbreviated versions if available
- other clients hear rockets being loaded
- fixed local stats for instagib
- fixed domination hud for spectators
- added the exec command "specviewgoal" that will attempt to showthe current goal (be it the flag/ball/dom point or the guy holdingit).
- made flak shell more visible
- dropflag works in net games

Tag-uri: Unreal Tournament 2003 Retail Patch 2186 v2186 Change List now support left handed weapons- fixed hidden weapons appearing occasionally respawn- spectators don show scoreboard end match- FPH doesn change after match ends- shock combos work going through static meshes and all angles Fixed when entering painzone you take double the damage second firstsecond correct amount thereafter added exec function SwitchToLastWeapon bound default megaspeed DMMutator game option improved bombing run better reset between scores fix for CTF flag can picked up- showing icon even holder not relevant- throwing out minigun screwing assault rifle- server bBrightSkins UnrealGame rules menu Setting true makes player skins brighter rocketlauncher lock onto invasion monsters bonuspack weapon sound pitch berserk- bPreloadAllSkins config UT2003 ini UnrealMPGameInfo section Its false character models referenced upl files are preloaded Only set this havea lot system RAM 512 more This reduces hitch experienced new players join multiplayer during gameplay only allow restartgame called once GetWeaponStats which writes info log tracking down problems- VoiceMenu Acknowledgements use abbreviated versions available- other clients hear rockets being loaded- local stats instagib- domination hud spectators- command specviewgoal that will attempt showthe current goal ball dom point guy holdingit made flak shell visible- dropflag works net games

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