Aurora Media Workshop

Title: Aurora Media Workshop
Size: 13.4 MB
License: Shareware; $34.95 to buy
OS: Windows 98/Me/2000/XP
Publisher: Aurora Software

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  • Date 20 Dec, 2006

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Aurora Media Workshop is an all-in-one tool that can do lots of multimedia tasks.

Every time I get my hands on a tool like this I get pretty excited because I love this kind of applications. Usually I don`t like to have tones of opened applications that are running on my computer in order to finish my usual multimedia tasks. I don`t like that because there are tools like this one.

The first thing I saw was the user friendly interface of this program. It`s so intuitive that I knew all the time what button should I click in order to do the desired task.

As I was testing how this application works I had the opportunity to see that it has plenty of options for every media file format that is supported. I was quite pleased by the amount of useful settings.

The only bad things were unexpected crashes of the application if it couldn`t make the re-encoding at some quality settings. The other thing that upset me was the fact that I couldn`t encode a movie into the Apple MOV format. The application required Quick Time which, by the way, was properly installed but it refused to work.

The rest of the tools didn`t give me much trouble except for the Burning Data CD/DVD module. It can burn directly the active compilation or it can save it as ISO image file. There isn`t any option in order to save your compilation settings to a file in the way Nero Burning ROM does. Adding files to the compilation is easy but the only thing that is missing is the file check. I did add a whole logical drive there and while saving the ISO file the application crashed. The system folder `System Volume Information` was the thing that has crashed the program because of the NTFS access rights of that folder.

The rest of the tools are well implemented and I will mention just a list of them because they look like the usual multimedia workshop tools. These tools are: Convert Files, Join Files, Split Files, Extract Audio, Extract Images and Photo to video. All mentioned above are dedicated for video processing. There is an extra module for batch processing and most of these tools are adding their tasks to this module.

The audio processing engine has 3 tools: Record Sound, Convert Files and Rip Music CD. Only the Convert Files tool crashed at some mp3 quality settings.

The burning section has also 3 tools: Burn Audio CD, Burn Data CD/DVD and Burn Video CD. The only trouble that I had with these tools is mentioned above.

Pluses: a nice all-in-one multimedia workshop that can be very useful to the users who are processing lots and various multimedia tasks. Another nice thing is the fact that it is very easy to use compared to other tools.

Drawbacks / flaws: the application is pretty buggy and it did crash several times during testing.

In conclusion: if you can pass the fact that sometimes it is becoming unstable or it`s crashing it is a pretty nice tool. And I might add it is a pretty complete application. The price seems fair if the producer will give the customers the free upgrade option in order to get a well debugged version.

version reviewed: 3.3.18

Tag-uri: Aurora Media Workshop 4out Very Good Features Stability Usability Interface all-in-one tool that can lots multimedia tasks Every time get hands like this pretty excited because love kind applications Usually don have tones opened are running computer order finish usual there tools one The first thing saw was the user friendly interface program intuitive knew all what button should click desired task testing how application works had opportunity see has plenty options for every media file format supported quite pleased amount useful settings only bad things were unexpected crashes couldn make re-encoding some quality other upset fact encode movie into Apple MOV required Quick Time which way properly installed but refused work rest didn give much trouble except Burning Data DVD module burn directly active compilation save ISO image There isn any option your Nero ROM does Adding files easy missing check did add whole logical drive and while saving crashed system folder System Volume Information NTFS access rights well implemented will mention just list them they look workshop These Convert Files Join Split Extract Audio Images Photo video All mentioned above dedicated processing extra batch most these adding their audio engine Record Sound Rip Music Only mp3 burning section also Burn Video with Pluses nice very users who various Another use compared Drawbacks flaws buggy crash several times during conclusion you pass sometimes becoming unstable crashing And might complete price seems fair producer customers free upgrade debugged version reviewed

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