FinPro for Dynacom 7

Title: FinPro for Dynacom 7
Size: 20MB Bytes
License: Demo
OS: Win 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP
Price: $709
Publisher: Fortune 1000 Group

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  • Date 09 Dec, 2007

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Detailed Financial Analyses and Projections… Made Easy

Adequate and up-to-date accounting information and realistic forecasting, these components are essential to meeting the expectations of creditors, business partners or boards of directors. Now, you can face them with utmost confidence.

FinPro is a powerful software program that imports and manages the accounting information located in your accounting software to perform detailed financial forecasts and analyses and in-dept accounting case studies. You’ll save countless hours of calculations and obtain well-organized reliable information.

FinPro helps executives and accountants get a detailed picture of a business’ economic situation and make financial forecasts. It’s ideal for presenting annual budgets to a board of directors or a new development project to a banker. It also enables advisors, creditors and consultants to make informed decisions or provide adequate assistance regarding the viability of a business or project.

FinPro has proven to be a valuable asset for thousands of SMBs and for some major organizations such as government agencies, capital funds and investment companies. You too can benefit from this powerful time-saving tool at a price well worth the investment.


Here are some characteristics you’ll find in FinPro:

Financial forecasts integrated over 7 years, 28 quarters and 84 months Screenshot
Presentation of reports/ratios in months, quarters or years
Budget, current and forecast comparative analyses
Multiple divisions (contribution by division)
Multiple currencies (USD, Euro, $CDN, Pesos, Pounds Stirling, etc.)
Seasonal profiles applicable for revenues or costs
Dynamic links with Excel
Chart of accounts editor
Previous, current and projected results Screenshot
A memo generator for directly annotating statements
More than 400 features

Tag-uri: FinPro for Dynacom Detailed Financial Analyses and Projections Made Easy Adequate up-to-date accounting information realistic forecasting these components are essential meeting the expectations creditors business partners boards directors Now you can face them with utmost confidence powerful software program that imports manages located your perform detailed financial forecasts analyses in-dept case studies You save countless hours calculations obtain well-organized reliable helps executives accountants get picture economic situation make ideal presenting annual budgets board new development project banker also enables advisors consultants informed decisions provide adequate assistance regarding viability has proven valuable asset thousands SMBs some major organizations such government agencies capital funds investment companies too benefit from this time-saving tool price well worth Features Here characteristics find integrated over years quarters months Screenshot Presentation reports ratios Budget current forecast comparative Multiple divisions contribution division currencies USD Euro CDN Pesos Pounds Stirling etc Seasonal profiles applicable revenues costs Dynamic links Excel Chart accounts editor Previous projected results memo generator directly annotating statements More than 400 features

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