SDE for Sun ONE (CE) for Windows 3.0 Community Edition

Title: SDE for Sun ONE (CE) for Windows 3.0 Community Edition
Size: 70007KB
License: Freeware
OS: Win 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP
Price: 0
Publisher: Visual Paradigm

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  • Date 09 Apr, 2008

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Visual Paradigm SDE for Sun ONE is a UML CASE tool/plug-in tightly integrated with Sun ONE. This UML CASE tool supports full software development lifecycle - analysis, design, implementation, testing and deployment. This UML tool helps you build quality applications faster, better and cheaper. You can draw all types of UML diagrams in Sun ONE, reverse engineer Java code to class diagrams, generate Java code and generate documentation.

SDE Features:+The latest UML support+Textual analysis for identifying candidate classes, use cases, actors, flow of events...
+CRC Card diagram+Use Case Details Editor - An all-in-one environment for specifying a use case`s details including general model specification and use case descriptions+Full Screen Diagram Editing - Maximizes the diagramming area+Sweeper - Drag to sweep shapes aside to make room for creating new shapes.
+EJB Diagram - Visualize EJB systems.
+EJB Code Generation and Deployment - Generate beans for your application development and deployment.
+ORM support - generate Java objects from database+Database generation - ERD to database tables+Database reverse - existing DBMS to ERD+Incremental round-trip engineering+Reverse engineering - code to diagram, code to model+Code Generation - UML to code, UML model to Java+Auto-sync between code and diagrams+Instant Reverse for Java, XML, C++, CORBA IDL, Hibernate mapping file...
+Automatic diagram layout - rearrange shapes and connectors in UML diagrams in different styles+Import Rational Rose+Export XMI/Import XMI+Export diagrams as SVG, PNG, JPG+HTML and PDF Report generator+Visio Integration - draw UML diagrams with MS Visio shapes+Version control+More...

Other UML Modeling Tools / UML Plug-ins:
Java Platform (Windows/Linux/Mac OS X):+SDE for Sun ONE+SDE for Oracle JDeveloper+SDE for IBM WebSphere (WSAD)+SDE for Borland JBuilder+SDE for IntelliJ IDEA+SDE for Eclipse+SDE for NetBeans+SDE for WebLogic Workshop
Windows Platform:+SDE for Microsoft Visual Studio .NET+More SDE...

Tag-uri: SDE for Sun ONE Windows Community Edition Visual Paradigm UML CASE tool plug-in tightly integrated with This supports full software development lifecycle analysis design implementation testing and deployment helps you build quality applications faster better cheaper You can draw all types diagrams reverse engineer Java code class generate documentation Features The latest support Textual identifying candidate classes use cases actors flow events CRC Card diagram Use Case Details Editor all-in-one environment specifying case details including general model specification descriptions Full Screen Diagram Editing Maximizes the diagramming area Sweeper Drag sweep shapes aside make room creating new EJB Visualize systems Code Generation Deployment Generate beans your application ORM objects from database Database generation ERD tables existing DBMS Incremental round-trip engineering Reverse Auto-sync between Instant XML CORBA IDL Hibernate mapping file Automatic layout rearrange connectors different styles Import Rational Rose Export XMI SVG PNG JPG HTML PDF Report generator Visio Integration Version control More Other Modeling Tools Plug-ins Platform Linux Mac Oracle JDeveloper IBM WebSphere WSAD Borland JBuilder IntelliJ IDEA Eclipse NetBeans WebLogic Workshop Microsoft Studio NET

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