F-Erase 2.0

Title: F-Erase 2.0
Size: 20KB
License: Freeware
OS: Win 3.x/95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/CE
Price: 0
Publisher: Ian Soutar

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  • Downloads 189
  • Date 01 Mar, 2009

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This is a fast and efficient computer cleaner that deletes a lot of logs and unneeded files to speed up your computer and clean some space out on the hard drive in 4 easy steps.. Simply :-
1. Load it up
2. Put in the drive letter.
3. Put in the account name you want to clean. (Administrator is standard.)
4. Hit Cleanup and wait 2 seconds.

Report any bugs, problems or suggestions to me.

F-Erase is freeware and you are free to distribute to whoever you want as long as the program, read me, batch and what it deletes files are not tampered with and are included within the zip. Please do not play around with the drive letter and username as your PC may get damaged.

If any damage comes out of using this program it is not my fault. If damage came out through someone tampering with the program and accidentally deleting everything then please blame them. This program has been made for cleaning up a computer easily and quickly. If it came with an install please DO NOT USE IT. The program is a non-install cleaner and if an installer is present email me (see above), give me details like where you downloaded it, date, etc and I`ll get on it.

P.S. Any malicious or unneeded files that you wish to add, please report to me.

Version History :-

2.0 - New name, Computer Cleaner is now known as F-Erase. More power and speed than before.
1.9 - Some major updates and tweaks to the program.
1.8 - Enhanced the deletetion system again, added some more files and directories.
1.7 - Added about 30 more directories/files to wipe. Added link to blog.
1.6 - Created the batch file seperately. Program is smaller and less to download.
1.5 - More powerful deletion system. Fixed problem with batch file.
1.4 - Added advanced tricks and increased deleting power.
1.3 - Added log system and many files and folders.
1.2 - Changed layout and added more files.
1.1 - Added more files and directories to wipe.
1.0 - First Created. Basic layout.

Tag-uri: F-Erase This fast and efficient computer cleaner that deletes lot logs unneeded files speed your clean some space out the hard drive easy steps Simply Load Put letter account name you want Administrator standard Hit Cleanup wait seconds Report any bugs problems suggestions freeware are free distribute whoever long program read batch what not tampered with included within zip Please play around username may get damaged damage comes using this fault came through someone tampering accidentally deleting everything then please blame them has been made for cleaning easily quickly install NOT USE The non-install installer present email see above give details like where downloaded date etc Any malicious wish add report Version History New Computer Cleaner now known More power than before Some major updates tweaks Enhanced deletetion system again added more directories Added about wipe link blog Created file seperately Program smaller less download powerful deletion Fixed problem advanced tricks increased log many folders Changed layout First Basic

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