3DMark05 Build 100

Title: 3DMark05 Build 100
Size: 283 MB
License: Freeware (Free)
OS: Windows 9x/Me/NT/2K/XP
Price: 0$
Publisher: FutureMark

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  • Date 07 Feb, 2005

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3DMark05, the worldwide standard in advanced 3D graphics performance benchmarking from Futuremark Corporation.

3DMark05 is a fundamental tool for every PC user interested in 3D graphics and performance.

3DMark05 will measure your PC`s 3D performance in next generation games, reliably compare the latest high-end gaming hardware, and show you amazing real-time 3D graphics.

By using 3DMark05 and the Online ResultBrowser web service, you will get:

- The 3DMark score - a globally recognised and comparable measurement of the 3D performance of your PC.
- A comparison of your machine and the fastest PCs on the planet.
- An educated estimate as to how much better your system will perform with certain upgrades.
- A view into the next generation of real-time 3D graphics.
Introduction to 3DMarkŪ05

3DMark05 is concentrated on measuring the performance of the DirectX 9 generation of 3D hardware using the technology of next generation games.

Earlier 3DMark versions have usually been launched with the introduction of a new Microsoft DirectX version and with the introduction of a new hardware generation.

This has somewhat limited how much 3DMark has utilized the new hardware features. At the time of this writing, DirectX 9 was introduced soon two years ago, and there is now DX9 generation hardware available all the way from the very high end to value and mobile parts. 3DMark05 can thereby utilize the features of DirectX 9 to a 100%. In fact, DirectX 9 hardware is required for every game test of 3DMark05, resulting in the ultimate tool for DirectX 9 hardware performance comparison.

Tag-uri: 3DMark05 Build 100 the worldwide standard advanced graphics performance benchmarking from Futuremark Corporation fundamental tool for every user interested and will measure your next generation games reliably compare latest high-end gaming hardware show you amazing real-time using Online ResultBrowser web service get The 3DMark score globally recognised comparable measurement comparison machine fastest PCs planet educated estimate how much better system perform with certain upgrades view into Introduction concentrated measuring DirectX technology Earlier versions have usually been launched introduction new Microsoft version This has somewhat limited utilized features time this writing was introduced soon two years ago there now DX9 available all way very high end value mobile parts can thereby utilize fact required game test resulting ultimate

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